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Online Numerology Reports

Astrology & NumerologyOnlineNumerologyReports.com is a website for Astrology and Numerology reports.  Our client wanted to allow his users to be able to visit the website to check their horoscope and to offer them a more in depth reading.  OnlineNumerologyReports.com offers Personality Profiles and Relationship Compatibility Reports.  The horoscopes are always free, the personalized reports are available for purchase through Paypal on their website.  After paying for the report the client is sent a link to fill out a form with their personal information for the report.

We chose Joomla as the Content Management System for this website.  Joomla is an ideal CMS because of it is highly extendable platform.  It combines a combination of CSS, HTML, PHP and MYSQL to create a highly flexible platform. Whether you want to showcase real estate listings, run an online shop, or blog, Joomla can handle it.  The extensions come in the form of components and modules.  To be able to create custom intake forms we used the ChronoForms module.  This site also implements some javascript to deliver the horoscopes that update daily and automatically.


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